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Who we are

We are a leading, trending bank that generates a superior experience fo ist clients, pride for ist employees, and value for its shareholders, in a sustainable manner.

Banco Agricola is part of Bancolombia. We are looking for leaders; we want to set the trend and stand out in the market through our innovative services that quickly adapt to the needs of our clients and exceeds the proposals of our competitors.

Our Group

Valores Banagrícola

Who are we?

Valores Banagricola started operations in 1995 with the purpose of offering to its clients investment options in the stock market. A wide experience of more than seventeen years in merchandising stock market products, a solid reputation, qualified human talent and innovation in the services provided are the distinctiveness of our Brokerage House.

Valores Banagricola is duly authorized by the Superintendence of the Financial System and El Salvador´s Stock Exchange, besides, during the last years, it has been the Brokerage House with the greatest participation in El Salvador´s stock market.



Specialist in Financial Leasing through a contract whereby it commits to grant the use or temporary enjoyment of a good to the lessee whether it be a natural person or legal entity.


Arrendadora Financiera S.A., is a subsidiary of Banco Agricola, created in December 2001, starting operations since September 2002 with the enactment of the Financial Leasing Law, providing this way, a new form of financing for our customers.

The Financial Leasing is established through a contract whereby it commits to grant the use or temporary enjoyment of a good to the lessee, biding him to pay a periodic rent that covers the original value of the property, plus the financial load, and additional expenses that the contract contemplates, according to Art 2. of the Financial Leasing Law. The lessee, by the end of the stipulated term, will have the option to buy the property at a price previously agreed in the leasing contract, give it back or extend the term of the contract for subsequent periods.

Grupo Bancolombia

Who are we?

Leader of the financial system of its country, it counts with the backup of the largest business group of Colombia.

Part of Bancolombia´s strategy is to become in the first Latin American consolidating bank and with the acquisition of Banco Agricola it projects the development of a platform in the Central American region.

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